Best of Both Worlds Election

With this upcoming election, I wanted to share with you all some wisdom on who to vote for this year. In my opinion Hilary Clinton somewhat closely resembles Clay Aiken. Anyone that might be confused for a Spamalot character who sings about being 'invincible' should not be elected. Also we do not need any more controversy regarding Bill Clinton... I mean come on. We have more important people to gossip about (ie. Mariah Carey's new engagement, Britney's lack of hair and sanity, etc.) I also don't think Johnny-Tsunami McCain would make a good choice either, because he has that weird growth on his face. eww. And the fact that his Barbie-wife looks like she is trying to possess people with her mind powers while he is speaking isn't very cool. Barak Obama would be a better choice, however the fact that his name is not really Americanese and he can't decide how black he should be kinda bothers me. So, I decided that we should all write in a wholesome, family-friendly individual who's love for this country and music can inspire us all.....

Introducing to you our next President of the United States of America


It could be her double-image, or her gummy grin but this little cutie is sure to warm hearts all over the world by "just being Miley" as one of her songs subtly points out. Her presence on every single isle in every walmart on the face of this solar system as well as her achy-breaky dad just makes me want to talk a little louder and wear a nice wig. So please vote for Miley this season, because you'll get the best of both worlds.

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