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So I am discovering how bad I am at actually posting a blog, so I had some inspiration (mostly just a 'duh Jocelyn' moment) and decided that I already blog twice a week at work, so I'll just post it on here :) At one of my jobs--I have two main ones--I work at 1-800-Contacts. I'm an 'Rx Specialist,' just a fancy shmancy title for a someone that talks to doctors and reads a lot of prescriptions. Anyways, twice a week I send out an email I write to a few buddies at work that basically sums up the things on my mind. I figured I might as well post them here too, since that's basically what blogging is all about no? Yes, I'm sure you're all going to roll your eyes and think how dumb can she be, but there you go. So here it comes :) ENJOY!

*please read the following intro as if this is a 60 minutes episode*
(tick tick tick tick…..big stop watch here) Tonight on a two-part special edition of Complaining on Wednesdays and Things I like Fridays, Jocelyn colorfully discusses her horrid week she has had thus far….

Let's Complain on Wednesdays

Things I don't like:

1. Monday. Specifically this last Monday around 9:45 am. I was running late for school…as usual…. And just driving south on I-15. And duh, of course I was speeding. Have I ever gone the speed limit? That's just a silly question. I am no newbie to cops as I have been pulled over about 3 times in the past 2 months. Some how, out of all these times I have gotten out of a ticket. Just a warning. Well I guess my luck ran out and I got pulled over. The flashing lights of the officer's bike just made me laugh. I was in a great mood for some reason, but it started to fade as he came to my window and told me I was clocked at going 86. He was cool about it though. Thankfully he dropped it down to 75 so my ticket is only $82. No 82 isn't cheap but it's better than it would have been. And I don't have to go to court or anything, just mail in a check. How convenient. I'm surprised he didn't give me an already addressed envelope. I hate their tight stirrup pants too. Ew!

2. Tuesdays. Specifically this last Tuesday around 11:45 am. I wasn't feeling so good at my other job but was trying to work through it and make some faxes. I had somewhat inhaled my breakfast, NOT a good idea, and was now getting nauseous. Well I got that teeth-gritting feeling that tells my feet to run to the bathroom. I had my cell phone in my hands and some papers, but had to take them with me. I got in, locked the stall, dropped to my knees and well you can use your imagination. I had placed the papers and my cell phone on the top of the lid to the tank thingy and didn't think twice about them. Well I flushed and was just cleaning up when it happened. My mobile device took a dive into the toilet. This was quickly followed by me gasping and my hand in the bowl. GROSS. Yeah, then my phone slowly dimmed and I felt like my heart was wrenching, not because I'm addicted to my phone, but because this phone is green and represents MONEY. IT WAS SOOOO EXPENSIVE!!....... (Barbra Walters voice here) Stay tuned for the rest of this story further on in our show

3. Wednesdays. Specifically this morning around 7:55 am. I dragged my feet into my bathroom after waking up. I noticed that my rug was partially folded over so I just started to lift it back over when I smelled a peculiar odor. I probably rolled my eyes and I had a feeling I knew what was coming. There is was. My cat had left a not so fantastic present right on my perfectly color-coordinated rug. Yeah, EWW.

4. Thursdays. I'm sure something will happen tomorrow. I'm waiting for my hand to get slammed in a door or a poke in the eye.

5. Fridays. Just because I have to work. And my school schedule has a gap in it on this day. That really makes it hard to stay at school.

Things I like on Fridays and in this case on Wednesdays

Things I like:

1. (Charles Gibson voice now) "We no return to our feature story…." So my semi-ok mood faded almost instantly to gloomy. I loved this phone. I loved EVERYTHING about this phone and it wouldn't power on :( Well at the advice of pretty much everyone I took out the battery and the SIM card and let it dry. I would put it back together every now and then and nothing. Well when I got home from work my dad got out a blow-dryer and began heatin away. It WORKED! HALLELUJAH PRAISE SUPERMAN! I am so happy. So I am now in love with hair dryers. Thank you Conair and my genius Padre!

2. People that don't pick up shifts even though they've been posted for a MONTH. They make life more challenging. And I just LOVE a challenge.

3. OREGON! I'm going to Portland on Saturday for some good R & R. YAY! I'm sooooo excited! This is also the reason for this special edition, I won't be back until next Thursday :) *This trip was cancelled by the way...thank you mother nature, you're beautiful snow storm in the Cascades lends a hand once again :(

4. Giving Gifts. I love when you have the PERFECT gift for someone and you can't wait to give it to them. I'm always just as excited as they are.

5. Halloween movies. I HATE being scared, but I'm talking about the really dumb animated ones that we all grew up with. Every time I see Ichabod Crane and the headless horseman I STILL freak out. The special effects are just unreal.

BONUS! 6. I love it when men use the term Spooky. Or describing something as Cute. It makes me laugh.

-Question: What are you all being for Halloween? And just humor me if you aren't dressing up :)

Well boys and girls, that's about it for me! I hope you all have a great rest of the week and pray or meditate or whatever you do for me that karma will just go find someone else :) talk to you all later!


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