It's official

I'm a cast member!!! (p.s. don't mind the blurry picture)

Not to brag....

This is the weather :) In case I can make any of you jealous
Humidity: 80%
Wind: From SSW at 12mph


The Terminal

So, my flight was scheduled to leave Saturday afternoon around 3, but due to the fantastic Utah weather it was delayed until about 4:30. I had a stop in Detroit that was only scheduled to be an hour so I was crossing my fingers that I wouldn't miss my connection. Well I walked onto the plane quite excited for my new adventure and fun times I was going to embark on. I got to my ASSIGNED seat--23E, my coveted window spot, but who should be in that spot but a punky teenage boy drowning his sorrows and black emo-hair in his ipod. Now I was pretty upset, first because I kinda get sick on planes and the window was my hope of not having to use the complimentary un-swallow bags, but also because my wonderful start to my fantastic adventure was becoming less spectacular by the minute (along with my stripping show I had to give to the airport security---word from the wise, DON'T wear a sweatshirt there, it will have to come off). I just decided to let it go, in hopes that my flight would be ok in the middle seat. Thankfully it was.
I arrived in Detroit around 9 pm (their time) and didn't know where or what gate I was supposed to go to. I checked the screens and lucky me it was clear on the other side of the airport :) I sprinted to my next gate, hoping to make it on time... lucky I was the second to last person on the plane before they took off. Once again my seat was being used by a lady that brought 6 bags of Burger King on board and her son that kept kicking the window. This was, however I good flight as well. My apple juice from the flight-attendant was actually cold; a nice bonus.

Now comes the airport of doom.....

I arrived in Florida a little earlier than expected, around 11:40pm. I wasn't too tired, but knew I had a long night ahead of me. I walked threw the relatively empty airport amazed at the shopping mall attached to it. I got my luggage and found a nice spot and plopped down for what would be one of the WORST and LONGEST nights of my life.

This was the airport from midnight until around 7 am Sunday morning. Yes, I had to sit there with my luggage on the rock hard floor and try to get some sleep. Yeah right! I had made a reservation at a hotel, since my check-in day at the apartment wasn't until Monday, but the earliest time I could check in was 10 o'clock. I didn't want to pay for 2 nights, since I'd really only be there for one, so I just attempted to keep myself occupied and watched some movies on my computer. A MAJOR downside was that I was starving, hadn't eaten since Saturday morning and there was nothing open. My mom gave me some hot-gummy lips before I left that saved my life that night. Not only were they delicious, they were great entertainment.

I was sitting on the floor for half of the time and the janitorial staff was working. They have one of those ride-on vacuums and one of the cleaners kept doing figure 8's in front of me. It was kind of creepy so that made me hold on to my bags a little tighter. This was the bench that I had the misfortune of spending some time on while I was there for the LONG 9 hours.....

It was a beast! Something you would find in the Martha Stewart collection at Kmart, most uncomfortable thing ever. And it was bolted to the ground, so no room for adjustment. Ugh, just was not a very good night.

But who cares! I'm in Florida, going to play at DisneyWorld and have a blast, so all is good :) I have another post coming soon about where I'm living and working. So stay tuned.....


Start Spreadin' the news......

I'm leaving today! And I still don't have anything packed! AHHH!!! Why am I such a procrastinator? Yes, today is the day before my exciting move to Florida. For those of you that don't know....I got my internship with the Disney company. I'm sorry for not being up to date on my blogging excitement, life has just been really busy! But yes, I got my internship with Disney and now it's off to the magical kingdom of faith, trust and pixie dust!
The Disney College Program, which is the thing I'm in, is set up for students to gain experience with the Disney company and have the opportunity to take specialized classes that go along with your major. For me that is business. I will be working the park whilst I'm there in the "Merchandise" role. Yes, I said role. But the REAL reason I'm going out there is to get rid of this freakishly pasty skin. No more Snow White! I wanna look just like this princess....

What an inspiration.
Natalie also got the internship! YAY!!!! She will be working in Costuming which sounds like a lot of fun. She is already out in Florida, and having a blast. Her arrival date was the 21st and mine's the 26th. AHH! It's so soon :)
Well... if any of you know of a professional packing service that takes high-fives as compensation... let me know.