Start Spreadin' the news......

I'm leaving today! And I still don't have anything packed! AHHH!!! Why am I such a procrastinator? Yes, today is the day before my exciting move to Florida. For those of you that don't know....I got my internship with the Disney company. I'm sorry for not being up to date on my blogging excitement, life has just been really busy! But yes, I got my internship with Disney and now it's off to the magical kingdom of faith, trust and pixie dust!
The Disney College Program, which is the thing I'm in, is set up for students to gain experience with the Disney company and have the opportunity to take specialized classes that go along with your major. For me that is business. I will be working the park whilst I'm there in the "Merchandise" role. Yes, I said role. But the REAL reason I'm going out there is to get rid of this freakishly pasty skin. No more Snow White! I wanna look just like this princess....

What an inspiration.
Natalie also got the internship! YAY!!!! She will be working in Costuming which sounds like a lot of fun. She is already out in Florida, and having a blast. Her arrival date was the 21st and mine's the 26th. AHH! It's so soon :)
Well... if any of you know of a professional packing service that takes high-fives as compensation... let me know.

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