Chatham Manor

Well here it is, home sweet home! I never imagined in a million years I would be living in an apartment with 7 other girls- Kindall, Sam, Maiika, Jill, Shannon, Ali and Raven-- and get along with all of them...not to say that I don't usually get along with people, that's just a lot of hormones! I love them all and it's a ton of fun! There is always someone to hang out with and Parties Parties Parties all the time! It's also fun because everyone is so different but we all get along so well.
This is my humble abode. Isn't that a nice tree? And the little mini cooper belongs to Ali. Her and Kindall have been deemed our permanent chauffeurs since they are the only ones that brought cars. Lucky lucky!
Here is our large and spacious dining room/living room area. It's so spacious and roomy....and very boring/plain decor.
This is mine and Raven's room (she's hiding behind the pillow). Please take notice of how clean my room is. My momma would be so proud :)And finally this is my LOVELY quilt/blanket thingy. I kept talking about it to everyone and their mailman so I figured I might as well post a picture of it. It's super comfy!
Well if anyone is in want of my address please let me know. It's always magical to get letters!