Do you work here??

Yes, this is one of my chicken-clad costumes that I'm so fortunate to wear. You will never guess how many times a day I get asked if I work here. Do you think I wear this for fun? I promise I didn't buy this at the mall.


I love my job

I have discovered that I'm really bad at updating this blog. I'm sorry...for like the two of you that read this....I just have some weird 'writers block' and just feel that my life is not that exciting to share. But a close friend of mine has insisted that I write an update and I agree so here it is:


I have always loved watching Disney movies and going to Disneyland with the family but there is something about being here and getting to see this beautiful castle everyday that makes me so happy. The little kids are probably my favorite part of this whole experience. I have heard some of the funniest things from these little people and it makes me excited to see how excited they are when they come into the parks.

This year the Walt Disney World theme is "What will you celebrate?" We have a ton of buttons and things that we give out to people to help them personalize their visit to the park. This one little girl that I met a while ago in the Castle Couture store really made my day. She had on a Happy Birthday button and her name happened to be Jocelyn. I wished her a Happy Birthday and told her my name was Jocelyn too and asked her if she wanted to make a wish with some pixi dust. She got so excited and grabbed my hand to help her find her sister, who happened to be her twin named Faith. I sprinkled the pixi dust in their hair and had them both make a wish. After that I showed them in the mirror how beautifully sparkly they were and started to walk to the register to help some other guests. Little Jocelyn grabs me by the hand and starts pulling me towards the princess dresses and told me that her wish was to look just like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I told her that she could try one on if she wanted to, but she just kept talking about her mom's visit to the dentist last week and the 2 cavities she has, then how Faith has to get new glasses because some kid in her 3rd grade class through them on the ground and on and on. Her mom was just watching us talk and asked if she could take a picture with them. *yes I felt famous. Then Jocelyn asked for my autograph in her character book :) Her mom said that I was making her whole day, but really she made mine. Little kids are the best!

Well I've discovered a list of 11 blogs that I need to do, so stay tuned for more. Adios!