Catching Up

Ha...I'm laughing at how much I need to catch up on. I'm sorry for not posting much while I've been playing *cough* I mean working in Florida. I had really good intentions! Well I have a bunch of pictures and stories so I'm gonna just try posting little bits at a time and see how that goes. Enjoy

I had so much fun and was able to do some of the most incredible things while I was there. I would definitely recommend the Disney College Program to anyone. I met some of the coolest people and made some really great friends while I was there.

Meet my cute roommate Raven! Quick little facts about her: she's from Michigan, is a very talented dancer/choreographer, pre-med, has strange taste in food (only teasing), and is SERIOUSLY going to be a model. While we were here in Disney she worked her dream job at Epcot main gate. I was so lucky to get such a great roomie and amazing new best friend. I have many MANY funny stories about this girly and I'm so excited for her to come and visit in August! We had tons of silly stories and bonded over our love for My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Gossip Girl, our disgust for the grounds keepers, and talking with foreign accents. The first night there we stayed up until 4am laughing at horrible baby names and making jokes about textured wall paper. She is just a lovely friend and am so happy to have met her! This is another roommate Shannon from Rochester, NY. Shannon has a love for foreign boys named Roddy and worked at Downtown Disney Merchandise. My favorite thing about her is her laugh....SO cute! I also loved when Kindall would yell out SSSSHHHHAAANNNNOOONNNN in like the middle of the night when everyone was trying to sleep. Good times!
Samantha is also from Rochester, worked in the Animal Kingdom, and was my go-to question/answer woman for everything about life :) This girl has done it all and I'm so happy to have lived with her. I loved our late-night chats listening to The Duchess music and having a good cry. This is Sethy, aka Dad. He didn't exactly live with us, but he slept over on the couch or floor enough that he basically did. We called him Dad because he came and took care of us all the time, whether it was to make us food, take us somewhere (one of the few who had a car), or just to listen to our drama. He's 6'6", huge football player, with the heart of a teddy bear.
Some of the girls (Ali, Shannon, Kindall, Sam) with Seth
This is a picture of everyone, including the foreign boys from upstairs. Sorry the picture is so blurry!
Out to dinner with the girls! Me, Ali, Shan and Sami
MAIIKA! This is another one of my roommates who is originally from New York, but is now living in Alabama. I LOVED this girl, she's so funny! She actually went home a bit early but she was greatly missed. Pizza anyone? Just remember Maiika---you will be the cause of my death, you and those chocolate breadsticks.
Couch Mike! Another sleep over buddy. He used to sleep over like every night and we'd have some funny chats like right when I'd wake up and I was still really out of everything. Miss you Michael!
I was so happy to have Natawee out in Florida with me. I would be lost if I didnt. We had so much fun just playing in the parks and talking about home with her. She's still there until August, and I miss her terribly, but I know she'll have fun. Love you Nat!
This is Dee/Chris/Juan/Walt/Wally, etc. I was SOOO lucky to work with him in Fantasyland. He is so much fun to be around and his energy is so contagious once you're around him.Veronika is my friend with a car. haha It was hard to find people with cars in Florida, believe it or not. Anyway we had a ton of fun playing in the parks and going to the mall.

Rachel and I saluting our "Disney Points". We worked together in Fantasyland :) Pixie dust anyone?
CHRISSSS! Hey could you get the castle in the picture? Goof Balls
Gustavo and I. He is from Brazil and seriously knows how to cook!!
Ashley, me, and Rachel. GIRLS DAY! We worked in Fantasyland together and had a blast! Tyler's birthday party. Sorry it's fuzzy!

While I was down in Disney I was lucky enough to have some of my favorite people come and visit me. I'm sure some of you are wondering about this boy of mine, well let me introduce you! This is Eric Taylor, my very sweet boyfriend. Eric and I met last year after his mission and became really fast friends and just that up until I left for Florida. We continued talking and like grew to love and here we are now :) I'm so happy to be home and get to see him all the time. He's amazing! Trust me...There will be many more posts about him.It rained the entire time Eric was in Florida, and not just the normal summer-afternoon rain. This is the tsunami rain that probably ruined many vacations, but not his! He was a good sport about it and I never heard him complain which was way nice. Of course I probably couldn't hear him because I was complaining so loud. We were pretty much permanently soaked everyday, but still had a ton of fun. This was right after riding splash mountain, drenched from head to toe. **There is a little more to the Eric-Jocelyn story so if you want more details lemme know**
My family also came to Florida to visit me :) They had a blast as well, even though the weather was the opposite and everyone was drenched in sweat. They decided their favorite park was Disney's Hollywood Studios and had a lot of fun in the animation studio, riding Toy Story Midway Mania (which I totally dominated....yes Vanessa you know that's true) and getting faces painted. I am so lucky to have a family that supports what I do and will come and visit me! I loved having them there. Also they got a rental car and stocked me up with groceries. Thanks guys! haha Classic Bret pose....trust me this kid will be famous someday. His favorite part of the vacation was swimming in the hotel pool and that's pretty much all he wanted to do. He's my Star Wars bud and enjoyed Star Tours and building lightsabers.
This is Vanessa and I with Andy Griffith. She loved going on the big rides and making sure I sat next to her. I was shocked when I saw her because she's 2 feet taller than me! Not really, but she will be soon!
Here's my momma getting her face painted. I love my mom! She was so cute and sent me little packages with goodies in them and I was the envy of the apartment. I loved the little 'mom' notes attached to things reminding me to do certain things and say my prayers :) Thanks mom! And if you need a Disney character drawn come and see her, she's an expert.
Here's my dad being an 'extra' in the Indiana Jones show. He's so goofy, but I'm glad he's up for anything. I love him for calling just to say hi or to tell me to have a good day. We never got to see the Country Bears (....darn) but we went on lots of fun things.

Well that's about it for now folks, I promise there is much much more to come!


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I am excited to see that you had a great time. It sounds like so much fun!