My absolute favorite thing to do in the parks is watch the fireworks and night shows. The pretty colors and music just fascinate me. Wishes! Is the Magic Kingdom fireworks that goes on every night. While I was working in Fantasyland I watched or listened to this whenever I was working and I can tell you it never got old. I still have it memorized and sometimes sing it in the shower (not well might I add). Here are a couple pictures from this wonderful show and a video of it. There's nothing like being there right in front of it and I'm so excited to see it again someday. My favorite part is when the Fantasia music starts and the red flares go up perfectly in time to the music. MAGICAL. I still tear up a little when I see it, *me singing* anything your heart desires will come to you....

P.S. This Disney stuff sounds like it's turning me all sappy....well it is :) Don't worry, I still have plenty more posts to come.

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